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My name: Ľubomír Kotrha
Born: APRIL 5th 1950
Freelance cartoonist
Address: Švermova 31 911 01 Trenčín 1 Slovak republic
Fax: ++421-831 437 172

My bank: Slovenská sporiteľňa a.s.
       Bratislava, Slovak republic
Account nr.: 064274-0298558-209/0900 

All the cartoons can be published in newspapers, weeklies, monthlies and other periodicals. My minimum fee is USD 20 per one published b/w cartoon. (Send the fees to my bank account only.) The originals of the cartoons are also for sale.
I am also searching for (cartoon) agenciens which would be interested in selling my cartoons to media for publishing (except Germany and Switzerland). High quality b/w copies will be sent by a registered mail to your address.
The cartoons on Internet are only a small part of my cartoon work (about 30,000 gag cartoons).